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"Books and Authors of Magna" was the first in a series of annual seminars about various types of arts in a specific small town. The details on that seminar are now archived at a different site, but *THIS* site is getting occasional web visits due to the old event, so this web page will remain in place indefinately to clarify the change.

The new site is active online at:


  The following is a summary of the content from the original “Homepage” for the Books & Authors of Magna event in 2012.


Thanks go out to all who participated in the September 2012 event on the “Books And Authors of Magna”, and the 2013 event on “Art and Artists of Magna.” Information gathered for the book event project will remain on this site for now, but will only be updated once a year or so. For the latest information on these topics and future annual local Art In Magna seminars, please see  

Books and Authors of Magna, Utah
100 years of literary history


** New! Robert Goble has gathered some great information about Clair Huffaker, one of Magna’s first major authors. See Rob’s blog for an annotated interview with Monte Kelson, a relative of the Huffakers, at: Magna, Utah has a fascinating history. Located on the western edge of the Salt Lake Valley, it has been home to agriculture, mining and high tech, all powered by an eclectic mix of cultural, ethnic and religious groups who have shaped the town and contributed to the historic and artistic achievements of the area. To celebrate over 100 years of literary output, a free event was held in September 2012 to explore the wide variety of Books and Authors of Magna. The two-hour gathering shared information about more than 50 books by 20 authors with Magna roots, and featured seven local authors and editors. A panel discussion touched on regional history and predictions for the evolving publishing industry  

  There was a display of books, both new titles and old rarities, plus distribution of a list of books with strong ties to Magna. To download a copy of that list, please see the other pages on this web site, which also contain links to to individual authors and selected sites. We are still seeking additions and corrections to the list of local authors, books and history. What is next in the exploration of Magna Arts and Culture? In coming years we will be doing similar events for History, Music, Movies & Theatre & Dance, and visual arts. To make that happen, please share your information, and possibly even your time in compiling the data and planning the events.   Thanks!  

  Sponsored and organized by the all-volunteer Magna Arts Council and the Salt Lake County Library System, Magna branch.

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